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musa basjoo in noord portugal vakantie

Our site with banana plants in growth.

Our adventure in Portugal began in 2008. In our quest through the green north of Portugal, we came across this piece of land and immediately fell in love with it. The site, with an area of about four hectares, lies on a south-facing hillside and has several terraces. The maximum altitude difference is about seventy metres.

When we bought the land, it was ravaged by fires and thirty years of neglect. It was overgrown with huge blackberry, broom and gorse bushes, five-foot high bracken and several old cork oaks (which we naturally left standing).

The first few years we had to reclaim the land from the wild. We were amazed at nature’s enormous resilience. From the old stubs, new shoots soon emerged. Some trees are already ten feet high. Now we’re cleared the site, all kinds of indigenous flowers and plants are starting to return.

Meanwhile, we’ve planted hundreds of plants, shrubs and trees, which we irrigate with mountain water from our own water mine. Slowly our grounds are shaping up – with each new year they grow in beauty.

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