Exotic plant nursery

Besides letting out holiday homes, we also grow exotic plants for garden and tub. It is small-scale (just a few plants of each species), but we always have some available for sale. Our product range comprises mainly tropical gingers, cannas and banana plants.

kwekerij exotische planten Alocasia Musa Lotus

A new challenge for us is to try to cultivate edible bananas for own consumption…

The assortment

Below is a list of the exotic species in our current assortment. Not all of them are on sale at any given time, as we still have too few specimens.

Alocasia macrorhizzos “Borneo Giant”
Alocasia gageana
Canna altensteinii
Canna Musa Folia
Canna Tuerckheimii
Hedychium coronarium
Hedychium forrestii
Hedychium greenii
Musa balbisiana
Musa balbisiana var. Thai Black
Musa basjoo
Musa Bordelon
Musa Da Jiao (edible plantain)
Musa “Helen’s Hybrid ‘(edible)
Butia var. itinerans
Musa “Orinoco” (edible)
Musa sikkimensis
Musa sikkimensis Red Tiger
Musa thomsonii
Musella lasiocarpa (Ensete lasiocarpa)

If you’d like more information, I’ll be happy to send you an email.

canna tuerckheimii flower

canna tuerckheimii in bloei

hedychium greenii flower

hedychium greenii in bloei

Hedychium gardnerianum Compacta flower

Hedychium gardnerianum Compacta

Hedychium stenopetalum grootste Hedychium flower

Hedychium stenopetalum, de grootste Hedychiumsoort

Hedychium Tara flower

Hedychium Tara

Hedychium x Pradhanii flower

Hedychium x Pradhanii

hedychium maximum flower

hedychium maximum

Dahlia imperialis, biggest dahlia of the world

Dahlia imperialis, de grootste dahliasoort ter wereld

Musa Da Jiao plantain flower

Musa Da Jiao (soort bakbanaan) met beginnende bloeiwijze

musa da jiao infloresence

musa da jiao infloresence

Musa basjoo infloresence

Musa basjoo met bloeiwijze

Musella lasiocarpa infloresence

Musella lasiocarpa met bloeiwijze. Deze plant ging in de herfst bloeien, stopte in de winter en ging in het voorjaar vrolijk verder.

Musella lasiocarpa leaf

Musella lasiocarpa blad met blauwige tint

Nelumbo nucifera in flower

De heilige lotus, Nelumbo nucifera, enkele jaren geleden gezaaid

kwekerij van musa canna hedychium

ons kleine kwekerijtje met vooral gembers en bananen