Who are we?

Ensete ventricosum Maurelli

Evert en Nora onder een rode banaan (Ensete ventricosum ‘Maurelli’)

Hello, we’re Evert and Nora, two nature-lovers from the Netherlands. Back home, Evert had a nursery (named Troposfeer) where he grew winter-hardy exotic plants and also worked at a soil analysis centre. Nora worked in health care as a companion for the deaf and blind, and behind the counter in a health food store. Each of us dreamed of a life abroad – a warmer climate, green mountains, more peace and quiet. A place where we can live as self-sufficiently as possible.

Evert: “Biology was always my favourite school subject, so I went on to study it. I love everything that lives and moves, but especially insects, reptiles and amphibians. Cultivating exotic plants is a big hobby of mine. In the Netherlands I’d realized my dream in the form of a nursery, where I grew exotic plants that were able to thrive in the Dutch climate. My vision: to create a southern atmosphere in my own and other people’s gardens. Now we have a large property in Portugal where I can continue to build my dream. So now we are busy growing all kinds of plants. For more information on what we have on offer, have a look at the Troposfeer page on the website. ”

Nora: “After a long quest by way of art school and art therapy courses, cabinet-making and social work I ended up in Nijmegen as a companion for the deaf and blind. This satisfied two of my basic urges: to work with my hands (sign language) and be in close social contact with people (supporting and caring for them). But what was missing was the great outdoors.
I, too, am particularly fond of insects, reptiles and amphibians. I’m also interested in growing plants, especially if they’re edible. So we will definitely be creating a vegetable garden and orchard.
I want to take time for things, and lead a life free of stress and anxiety. Yoga is an important part of my day-to-day life that helps me stay in balance. If you want to join me in yoga during your stay with us,  you’re welcome to join in. I also give massages that can help you find peace and quiet and relax during your holiday here. ”

Yoga vakantie in noord Portugal

Yoga in het groen van noord Portugal.

Ontspanningsmassage vakantie in noord Portugal.

Ontspanningsmassage in je vakantiehuisje.